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Photography for career pages and visible personnel marketing

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Image photos for websites and communication of companies, law firms, medical practices, associations and service providers.

Personal branding

For the self-employed, freelancers, coaches, consultants and people who want more visibility.

Businessfotograf Patrick Lux aus Hamburg

I am Patrick Lux

In my adopted home of Hamburg, I photograph in my own photo studio and on location for corporations, medium-sized companies and the self-employed
I stand for authentic photography for your website and corporate communications, professional business portraits and friendly employee photos.
To do this, I need your trust in my expertise and your belief in the effectiveness of good images.

The no-brainer offer


Send me the most important information about your company and the status quo. I usually get back to you on the same day.


I will take a look at your website and existing image material and subject it to a professional analysis . You will then know exactly what the problem is and what solution I can offer you.
We need around 20 minutes by telephone or video conference for this.


Once we have defined your challenge, you will receive a customized offer, clarity on what is necessary and possible, and we can get straight down to implementation.  

Which photographer is the "right" one?

If you like my pictures, that’s a good start.

The crucial question, however, is: Are your assignment and I, the photographer, a good match?

Not every project or request suits me. So much honesty is a must. When I accept an assignment, I always strive for an outstanding result. Many photo shoots involve a large number of participants. When it comes to portraying the human side, it is important that people of different colors and experience feel comfortable in front of the camera.

To ensure this, you should make sure that the chemistry between you/your people and the photographer is right. It is also advisable to make sure that you have the same idea about the images.

Let’s find out together whether this is a good fit. You can find out whether we are on the same wavelength by telephone or video conference.

How does a photo shoot work?

No two photo shoots should be the same. Whether it’s portrait photos, an employer branding campaign or a complete company presentation, the range is very wide. In my experience, this approach has proven its worth. This consists of:

1. what do you want to achieve with the images?

New customers or employees? Visibility for you personally or for the new product: We work out your wishes and goals in an initial meeting.

2. creation of the concept and planning

What do the viewers of the images need to see in order to be encouraged to take the desired action? What can be photographed and what still needs to be prepared? Good planning ensures that the offer is adhered to and that it is clear at all times what needs to be done. We draw up a schedule, prepare employees for the shoot and discuss the details so that the photo shoot doesn't get hectic.

3. implementation and finish

Your photo motifs are now being created in a planned yet spontaneous way. You can already see the results during the shoot and we implement your feedback directly. Image processing puts the finishing touches to the photos and you receive data that you can use directly.

What is business photography?

Business photography is the art of creating impressive images for companies and their employees. It serves to visually present the professionalism, image and brand identity of a company. Whether it’s management portraits, team photos or product images, business photography reflects the essence and character of your company and helps you to position yourself on the market.

The importance of business photography lies in its ability to shape the first impression of a company. In a world where visual communication plays a crucial role, professional and appealing photos are essential to attract customers and business partners. Business photos increase your credibility, enhance your brand recognition and present your corporate culture in an authentic way.

There are different types of business photography to meet the diverse requirements of companies. These include:
  1. Business portraits: Individual portraits of employees, managers and directors.
  2. Team photos: Group photos that convey cooperation and a sense of togetherness within a company.
  3. Office photos: Images that document the workplace and working environment and provide an insight into the company culture.
  4. Product photography: Professional photos of products or services for use in catalogs, online stores or marketing materials.
  5. Event photography: Photographic documentation of corporate events, trade fairs and conferences.
  6. Image photos: Creative and stylish photos that convey a company’s brand identity and message.
  7. Employer branding: Photographs that highlight the company culture, work environment and employee benefits to attract potential talent.
  8. Personal branding: Photos that reflect the personal style, expertise and values of self-employed people or leaders to build and strengthen their individual brand.
  9. Employee photos: Professional photos of employees in various situations and environments, depicting their day-to-day work and their role within the company.
  10. Application photos: High-quality portrait shots for applicants that emphasize their personality, skills and professionalism and help them position themselves successfully on the job market.
If you are looking for a business photographer in Hamburg, you are certainly looking at many websites. If you like the pictures, that’s a good start. The crucial question, however, is: Is the chemistry between you/your people and the photographer right? Do you have the feeling that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that the tension is easing? Do you have the same idea in your mind’s eye when it comes to the images? It’s easy to find out: book a free consultation to get to know us. Today, this can also be done digitally quite well and without great effort via video conferencing. During the consultation you can tell the photographer your ideas and wishes and at the same time get a feel for whether you are on the same wavelength. You can ask questions and discuss the style, setting and other details of your business photo shoot with the photographer. A non-binding meeting allows you to better assess the photographer and ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly. It is important that you have confidence in the photographer’s skills and can rely on their expertise to produce professional and appealing business photos that meet your requirements.

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The cost of photos depends on two factors: 1. how much effort is required to produce the images and 2. how much value is created in the process. Is the client a DAX company or a sole trader? Which industry am I dealing with and what are the images used for?

The value that the photos have for your company results from how individually they are tailored to you and your goals and how much they support your goals. A customized photo shoot that takes your company values and goals into account leads to a better public image, a stronger brand presence and ultimately more customers and sales.

Investing in professional business photos therefore pays off in the long term by presenting your company in a positive and professional light. When budgeting for your photo shoot, remember to consider the long-term value and benefits the images will bring to your business.

To ensure that the business photos meet your expectations, it is important that I as the photographer have a clear vision for the photo shoot and communicate this to you. Let me know your wishes and ideas, show me examples of photos that you like and give me feedback during the shoot. As a good photographer, I address your concerns and make adjustments to achieve the best possible results.

I am also happy to take application photos for you. Just not in the way you might be familiar with from the well-known photography chains. I believe that career-changing photos require time, leisure and the ability to introduce them personally. And no hectic pace, time and cost pressure. Under this link you will find all further information on how I take application photos.