bewerbungsfotos hamburg mann
Bewerbungsfoto einer Frau in Hamburg
Beispiel für ein Bewerbungsfoto einer Frau in Hamburg
bewerbungsfotos hamburg mann

Photographer for headshots in Hamburg

Headshots where everything is just perfect

Competent and a strong leader, yet personable and approachable:
Don't give away your first impression and convince at first sight.

Headshots for your career

The higher you are the career ladder, the more important details become. It’s about whether you fit in with the company and have the right personality for the job. A headshot that goes beyond a typical cliché shows your interviewer who you are as a person.

It makes you unique

It makes you less comparable because others also have good degrees and work experience. The photo gives you the certainty that you are not wasting any potential.

It gives you self-confidence

By adding a professional photo, you gain self-confidence. It proves that you are professional in all areas and take your application seriously.
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Benjamin, Management Consultant
Bewerbungsfotos unfotogen

If your photo has nothing to do with you

Off-the-peg photos are like those eternally identical cover letters: they are only skimmed over.
If this happens with your photo, you have given away the first point.
You need photos with personality. Your personality.

How much time do I need to allow?

Some sessions in my studio in Hamburg are shorter and some take longer, in my experience we need two hours to have the leeway to try things out. I always plan enough time between appointments. This gives us enough time to get some really good photos!

You can do it, but you don’t have to. Especially as a man, the latter is more likely. I always go for anything that suits your type and personality.

90% of my clients do not book make-up. If you have the budget, go for it! Otherwise you won’t be annoyed afterwards that you saved at the wrong end. You are the best judge of whether you need help with your make-up.

I have been working with a make-up artist for years who has the same standards as I do.

Clearly: We take the photos so that you can show them. For your own projects, social media accounts on Xing, LinkedIn or Facebook, for your website or brochures. And of course for your profession!